Authors who wish to present scientific works are requested to send abstracts by March 1st, 2023 using the online form on amit-italia.it By March 6th, 2023, the organizing secretariat will send notification of acceptance of the selected works.




Management of bacterial infections
  • Epidemiology and engagement in COVID-19 and MDR bacterial infections
  • Genomic diagnosis for an optimal antimicrobial therapy
  • Place in therapy of new antibiotics in the pipeline
  • Antibiotic treatment in bloodstream infections
  • Update of antifungal treatment in immunocompromised patient
  • Changes of hospital epidemiology, prevention and control in COVID-19 era
  • New guidelines for antibiotic treatment
  • Consumption of Antimicrobial in the Europe
  • Preventing transmission of multidrug resistant Gram-negatives in hospitalised patients
  • New models of antibiotic stewardship in hospital settings and in primary care
  • Handling and treatment of devices-related infections
  • Update of the skin and soft-tissue infections antibiotic treatment
  • Update of osteoarticular infection treatment
  • Infectious diseases within the continuity of care
  • Update of C. difficile and TB infection
  • The strategy to short antibiotic treatment duration

Virology and vaccines

  • Gene therapy in infectious diseases
  • How COVID-19 has changed hospital epidemiology and infection prevention and control
  • EU vaccines and antibiotic regulation in the post COVID-19 era
  • Next types of COVID-19 vaccine: alone or in association
  • The spillover from animal to human: the Monkeypox experience
  • The long acting treatment of HIV infection
  • HIV reservoir: towards to the cure