Authors who wish to present scientific works are requested to send abstracts by March 1st, 2023 using the online form on amit-italia.it By March 6th, 2023, the organizing secretariat will send notification of acceptance of the selected works.


The time limit for oral communications is 10 min, including discussions.


Poster dimensions should be 70 cm. (width) x 100 cm. (height).
Mounting materials will be provided in the posting area.
The presence of one of the authors is required at the discussion of the posters.


• The text, in English, must contain (in the following order):
– Topic: indication of the preferential topic
– Title: title of abstract (short, written in UPPERCASE letters)
– Author(s): Initial of first name followed by surname, initials in uppercase, without academic title; underline name of Author who will present the work.
– Affiliation: name and location of institution.
• Use the Word programme (Times New Roman, font size 12, single-spaced)
• Maximum length: 1 page.


The abstract must contain:
• Aim of the study
• Methods used
• Results and conclusions
Any bibliographic citations must be inserted in the text. Summary tables or graphs may
be included provided they fit on the page of text.


Management of bacterial infections

  • Epidemiology and engagement in COVID-19 and MDR bacterial infections
  • Genomic diagnosis for an optimal antimicrobial therapy
  • Place in therapy of new antibiotics in the pipeline
  • Antibiotic treatment in bloodstream infections
  • Update of antifungal treatment in immunocompromised patient
  • Changes of hospital epidemiology, prevention and control in COVID-19 era
  • New guidelines for antibiotic treatment
  • Consumption of Antimicrobial in the Europe
  • Preventing transmission of multidrug resistant Gram-negatives in hospitalised patients
  • New models of antibiotic stewardship in hospital settings and in primary care
  • Handling and treatment of devices-related infections
  • Update of the skin and soft-tissue infections antibiotic treatment
  • Update of osteoarticular infection treatment
  • Infectious diseases within the continuity of care
  • Update of C. difficile and TB infection
  • The strategy to short antibiotic treatment duration

Virology and vaccines

  • Gene therapy in infectious diseases
  • How COVID-19 has changed hospital epidemiology and infection prevention and control
  • EU vaccines and antibiotic regulation in the post COVID-19 era
  • Next types of COVID-19 vaccine: alone or in association
  • The spillover from animal to human: the Monkeypox experience
  • The long acting treatment of HIV infection
  • HIV reservoir: towards to the cure